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Penny Gray Mele

I'm Penny Gray-Mele and I'm fascinated by the healing power of Placenta remedies for new Families as well as the wonderful effects of Reiki energy healing.  I specialize in Placenta remedies and Reiki Healing, and am happy to work in the client's own home* to both ensure they have visibility that I'm applying the highest hygienic standards and to give full transparency of the process.  I am an IPEN trainee (International Placenta Encapsulation Network) and certified in Food Safety Level II, Infection Control HACCP and recently Covid-19 awareness training. I am also an active member of PRN (Placenta Remedies Network).

Through my own amazing experience of creating and taking placenta remedies, I made the decision to change my career from working in the New York fashion industry, to becoming a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist.  I was directly affected by post natal depression following the birth of my first child in New York in 2008. After trying to balance a highly charged career (no maternity leave) with caring for a newborn (without any family nearby), I was diagnosed with antenatal depression, however I managed to transform my mental health due to processing my own placenta in 2012.


After hearing about 'Placenta Encapsulation', I decided to extensively research the process and was amazed that there was an option to turn placenta into capsules, which can be taken over time like any other vitamins. As well as this, I discovered it was possible to make a tincture, which could last for years and alleviate symptoms of the menopause among many other benefits. Following my research, I (proudly) produced my first batch of placenta capsules for my own postnatal recovery and this was a turning point in my life. Not only did the capsules have a monumental impact on my mental health, they also had a very positive affect on my milk production.


My family and I now live in a much gentler, greener part of the world in the Cambridgeshire countryside.  Life is slower paced and I feel more at ease pursuing my interests, being closer to nature and watching my babies grow. I founded Balance and Root Placenta in 2019.​


My environmental impact is something I'm very aware of, and I consider this on a daily basis both personally and professionally, after all, that is what Balance & Root is all about!


In conjunction to offering healing remedies from the placenta to assist in postnatal recovery, I am a also a fully insured Reiki practitioner, offering antenatal and postnatal treatments. This can be offered long distance as well.  I am trained by a local Reiki Master Christine Ashton from Untie The String.


 LGBTQ+ competency workshop with AJ Silver @TheQueerBirthClub to help create a safe inclusive service for all our amazing parents in the LGBTQ+ community e.

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