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How does it work?

After you have contacted me with your interest, I will send you an online booking form and terms and conditions.  You  have a choice of having me prepare your placenta within your home using my specialized equipment or in my own designated space.  Upon completing the booking and payment of deposit, you will be sent your chiller pack with everything you need including instructions around 37-38 weeks to store your placenta safely.  Once in labour you or your partner will let me know via text or phone call and then again when your baby is born. Your placenta will be processed and your capsules will be ready to start taking within 3 days of you giving birth.  Your capsules will be either hand-delivered or couriered back to you so you can start your healing.  Homeopathy will be within a week and Motherful Tincture will follow 6 weeks later.


"If I'm induced or need meds during birth or throughout my pregnancy my placenta will be full of drugs so it won't be fit for consumption"

If you've heard of thought this be assured that as part of our booking process you're encouraged to speak to your GP or Midwife about any medication you are on if you have any concerns and whether they pose any problems with you wanting to consume your placenta.  In general the medications you are given when pregnant or during birth will be safe for your baby and there will be only trace amounts in your placenta since your placenta doesn't store nasty toxins but instead acts like a filtering highway transferring nutrients, oxygen, toxins and waste to and from your baby.  Only heavy metallic compounds such as cadmium as found in cigarettes are blocked from the baby and stored in the placenta and therefore if you smoke it isn't recommended at all to consume your placenta.


How Many Capsules Will I Get, How Long Do They Last?

All placentae are unique in shape, size and appearance they really are incredible to behold! I have no way to determine how many a placenta will yield but expect anything between 80 to 200.  A steamed placenta usually stinks about 5-10% and premature babies will have a little (yet mighty) placenta.  I take painstaking efforts to ensure nothing is wasted so you have as many capsules as possible.  You control how many you take and when.  Once you get into your own rhythm and become attuned to how they work with your body.  At the start it is suggested you take two capsules up to three times a day and then take as needed as your body responds.  


Can I give my baby/child tincture?

No because tincture is made from very strong alcohol of 40AVB and above therefore it is not suitable for your child.  You can however safely give your entire family a homeopathic remedy calibrated from your own placenta's frequency.  I have seen the positive effects myself on how my homeopathic remedy has helped my young son when he is anxious or when my teenage daughter feels calmer and balanced when she has a hormonal shift each month.  They are gentle but very effective.   


"I am a vegetarian I can't eat placenta capsules."

Yes.  In this case no animal has been killed, mistreated or farmed in order for human consumption.  Many vegetarian mothers say they crave meat during pregnancy and the idea of consuming their own placenta is very appealing. All my capsules are gelatin free and are instead plant derived.  It’s is of-course your choice but it is deemed entirely suitable for vegetarian and vegan mothers to consume their own placentas.


What's the difference between Simple and Steamed capsules?

The simpliest method is to dehydrate to snapping point from raw and this is the least processed method and I ensure that placenta slices are dehydrated at high temperatures to kill bacteria.  There is a higher iron content in these capsules and so this could attribute to clients experiencing more energy in the postnatal period.

Steamed capules is where the placenta is pre-steamed before being dehydrated.  An additional option to have an infusion of Lemon, Ginger and Chili is also popular.  This is loosely based on Traditional Chinese Medicine which balances the chi or life-force which helps the body's immune system.   Ginger is grounding, Lemon is cleansing and Chili adds warm or Yang to your Yin.  You won't taste anything different and it doesn't make the capsule spicy.  Clients have reported his method has balanced the horomonal effects of childbirth recovery with many having little to no effect of having the 'baby blues'.   I would never promise an outcome because everyone is different and responds to healing differently to the next person. 


Can I still have my placenta encapsulated if i'm high risk pregnancy?

Yes! in fact a cesarean section requires more healing than a vaginal birth and women have really felt the benefits from placenta remedies post surgery.  If you have an induction of labour or are seeing a consultant for any other reason, you placenta can be encapsulated without issues.  If you are on medication please check with your prescriber.


If I have have a smoothie will it taste like blood?

It only has a thumb sized piece of fresh placenta and will taste like a regular fruit smoothie of berries and banana or whatever you want me to make your smoothie with.  Yum!


I want to donate my baby’s cord blood. Will I still be able to have my placenta made into capsules?

Not a problem! We advise parents to bring two separate containers with them to hospital and ensure their midwife or doctor knows you are planning on both consuming your placenta and banking cord blood.  The placenta should be put into the placenta container after birth and stored safely in the cooler bag.  The umbilical cord should be stored in a separate container awaiting collection from the company of choice. 


What are the reasons for not being able to encapsulate my placenta?

If you have a uterine infection, sepsis any blood borne conditions such as HIV, HEP B or C or if the placenta has been stored incorrectly and if you are a smoker in pregnancy.  See also point 14.


What if I have GBS or meconium?

Only the steamed method of encapsulation will be available.  So if you have booked Raw process I will know from notes on your placenta filled out by your birth professionals and I will change course and instead I will prepare steamed capsules to kill the  documented pathogens.  You will still be able to feel the great benefits from your placenta just done slightly differently that's all!


Does it smell or taste bad?

Placenta capsules smells faintly meaty inside the pot but not a single capsule.  (To me) I smell a sweeter smell of breastmilk or baby formula I don't know why but it could be something to do with the hormone Placental Lactogen that it secretes !  You do not taste anything when you eat your capsules its no different to a vitamin and speaking of which, vitamins have their own distinctive smell.


What if my baby is born early, or if I'm overdue?

No problem, your placenta will still be perfect for encapsulation.  If you have had a previous premature baby then please let me know so I can send you your chiller pack slightly earlier.  The earlier your baby is born the smaller your placenta will be so there is a chance you may not get as many capsules but I have made capsules for a preemie and there were lots of beautiful capsules for his mummy to benefit from.


Will the hospital let me keep my placenta?

Yes! This is your property and not for others to mistreat, take or discard without your express permission.  If a hospital would like to test the placenta for suspected infection, it is important to insist they need only swab the placenta and allow the placenta to stay correctly stored with the family for consumption.  The Placenta is the frozen until results come in. If the hospital take the placenta away for testing then it is not possible to continue with encapsulation, because they aren't accountable for correct handling of the placenta and they may never return it.  In this event no refunds are returned for no services since swabbing is a viable option.


What happens if I have a water birth?

I can still encapsulate your placenta after a water birth; your instructions to the midwife will explain, you must deliver your placenta on dry land.  Please make a swift exit from the pool once baby has been delivered. If you make your midwife aware of this, they will support you.  Clear instructions for safe placenta delivery and storage will be issued in the booking process.  


Isn't this is canibalism? 

Cannibalism is the act or practice of humans eating the flesh or internal organs of other deceased human beings. The placenta is totally unique in that it is actually made up from both the fetus and the mother, so it belongs 100% to neither one nor the other. The placenta is a fetomaternal organ with two components: the fetal placenta (Chorion frondosum), which develops from the same blastocyst that forms the fetus, and the maternal placenta (Decidua basalis), which develops from the maternal uterine tissue.

So no, it’s not cannibalism for a mother to eat her own placenta, as it is her own organ (albeit shared with her baby) and nobody has died as a result of her getting it. - 


  Is it Hygeinic

Balance & Root is 5 star Food rated for hygiene regulated by South Cambridgeshire Environmental Health.  Only hospital & Food grade standards of infection and blood born pathogen control using high grade disinfectants as well as wearing full PPE to safeguard my clients as well as myself.  I only ever look after one placenta at one time and ensure that the dedicated workspace and specialist equipment is always disinfected to meet Government Food Standards.  I ensure clients fully understand how to store and handle the placenta prior to collection to ensure the food safety chain is upheld from birth to capsule. 


How do I pay?

Once you have completed your booking form, I will ask for £50 non-refundable deposit to secure your booking. This can be done via bank transfer. At 36-37 weeks I will send out your chiller pack, and prior to this I will require payment in full for your chosen services. You will receive an email reminding you.  If the Placenta is deemed unsuitable for any of your chosen remedies, you may be offered an alternative and the difference refunded.  If there is a medical reason beyond your control and the Placenta is deemed unsuitable for consumption, a full refund minus the £50 deposit will be given. If the Placenta is unsuitable due to mishandling, incorrect storage or non compliance to procedures then no refunds will be given.


What area do you cover?

Local Hospitals are considered to be Cambridge, The Rosie Hospital - Addenbrooks (15mins by car) and Hinchingbrooke Hospital (30 mins by car).  There is no addition cost for locations within a 50 mile round-trip.  I do also work further a-field collecting for clients in Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Essex, North London and Northamptonshire.  I am happy to drive up to 1.5 hours each way factoring in addition 45p/mile plus £10 hourly rate when 50 miles has been exceeded.  


What are your Terms & Conditions?

1) Balance & Root provides placenta services including encapsulation, fruit/placenta smoothies, essences, tinctures, prints and the sourcing of homeopathic placenta remedies.

2) TCM encapsulation is inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine.

3) Balance & Root has been trained and certified by IPEN training provider to provide placenta encapsulation services to the public.

4) Balance & Root is fully insured for placental remedies with BGI insurers

5) Any information provided by Balance & Root on placental remedies are purely based on research, client testimonials and reviews. Research is ongoing and Balance & Root does not give any warranty or representation that benefits are guaranteed.

6) Clients who utilise these services take full responsibility for their own health and for researching and using the products created from their placenta.

7) The client agrees that the Balance & Root is not liable, and does not take responsibility for any effects the client may experience before, during or after consuming the placenta.

8) Placenta capsules are solely for the clients own use.

9) Services will not be provided for a client who has ever tested positive for HIV/AIDs, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Hepatitis A.

10) All methods of decontamination and disinfection of equipment used by Balance & Root adhere to Government guidelines and regulations.  Placenta smoothie blenders are single use and then disposed of or given to the client to keep.

11) Placenta Smoothies may not always be available - subject to availability.

12) Balance & Root retains ownership of any photographs/prints taken of the client’s placenta, which may be used anonymously for education, advertising and promotional purposes. The client must inform Balance & Root if she does not wish photos/prints to be taken of her placenta.  

13) Balance & Root aims to prepare the placenta within 3 days of its collection; however no guarantee can be given. Please see documents ‘Safe Storage Guidelines’ and ‘Placenta Care’ for guidelines on safe handling and storage of your placenta.

14) All Placentas will be aimed to be collected within 12 hours of delivery, sometimes this may be within 24 hours. 

15) If for any reason Penny cannot attend to pick up the Placenta, the client will be informed and a refund or alternative will be offered.

16) Balance & Root does not take responsibility for damaged or lost placentas before the placenta comes into our care.

17) The client agrees to store their placenta in the Safe Storage Pack provided by Balance & Root or in a refrigerator within 30 minutes after birth of the placenta and agrees to ensure her placenta remains chilled until collection.

18) The client will be liable for any damaged property/and or equipment belonging to Balance & Root should any equipment become damaged whilst in the client's care.

19) The client agrees to contact her specialist as soon as possible and within 12 hours after birth to arrange safe collection of her placenta.

20) The client consents to the removal of the placenta from the hospital (or home) by the specialist to the extent necessary for the performance of the services.

21) Homeopathic remedies may be re-ordered via the PRN homeopath, who will keep a 1C copy of the client’s original sample for 5 years.

22) The client consents to the safe disposal of the original placenta sample when used for a tincture, essence or homeopathic remedies.

23) If the Placenta is deemed unsuitable for any of your chosen remedies, you may be offered an alternative and the difference refunded. If there is a medical reason beyond your control and the Placenta is deemed unsuitable for consumption, a full refund minus the £50 deposit will be given. If the Placenta is unsuitable due to mishandling, incorrect storage or non-compliance to procedures then no refunds will be given.

23.A) If the Hospital take the placenta away to be tested instead of allowing it to be swabbed for pathology then no refunds will be given.  Swabbing is the only way to allow the placenta to stay stored correctly and with the family, it is then chilled/frozen until results are in.  If the hospital takes the placenta away nobody is accountable for correct storage and handling and it may never be returned.  

24) The client consents to sending a non-refundable £50 deposit at the time of sending the booking form in order to complete the booking. Final payment is due four weeks before the clients due date.

25) The client is fully responsible for caring and following procedures to ensure her placenta is chilled and cared for appropriately.

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