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£180 / £200

Placenta Capsules


1. Simply dried from Raw to retain all the nutrients.

2. Steamed with an life-force balancing trio of Chilli, Ginger and Lemon inspired by Chinese medicine to balance Yin and Yang

3. Simply steamed

4. 50/50 of the above methods (£200) presented in two separate containers​


Balance & Root Smoothie

A thumb-sized piece of fresh piece of Placenta blended into a fruity explosion of fruits and berries.  Special bespoke recipes available upon request.  


After birth your body will thank you with this amazing smoothie to help you feel yourself again in every sense.  I have received feedback from clients they liken the placenta smoothie to an "adrenaline shot" and it has been reported to help reduce bleeding and manage pain shortly after consuming as well as bring on lactation faster than without consuming your placenta when raw.  A midwifery practice to rub a fragment of placenta into the gum line helps hemorrhage control as mentioned in this excellent article in Midwifery Today


A placenta smoothie tastes of just fruity goodness no different to any other smoothie.


HOW IT WORKS: The placenta is collected as usual for your capsules, but the placenta smoothie is quickly and hygenically produced first and returned back to your in the hospital or made right there within your home for home-births. 

Only available to within Cambridge area (30mile round trip) unless a client's home is available or unless agree'd to additional drivers fee.  Unfortunately a smoothie cannot be produced when meconium is present and a refund will be issued.


Motherful Tincture

Nature's very own HRT, this tincture will aid relief from the symptoms of PMS through to the menopause. Tincture's have been used for centuries to balance and restore - this is a potent remedy with an indefinite shelf life.

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 1.14.36 PM.png

Repeat Homeopathy

Safe for all the family, this is a wonderful option for both mother and baby. Based on your own, uniquely calibrated frequency, these pills can be repeatedly ordered and can help through times of illness, fatigue, teething, separation anxiety or with hormonal changes such as puberty, PMS and the menopause.


Balance & Root Balms

Blissful vitamin E face & body oil: £30

Motherful whipped Cream 200ml: £45

Balm Down with added beeswax: £30

Simple and pure cosmetics personally made in small batches using the finest

organic ingredients such as shea butter, calendula, jojoba, and coconut oil to give you a fragrance free product, safe for both you and your baby. A complimentary gift of Placenta infused oil can be made for you to add to your creams for additional healing.  


Never Forget Your Roots

1. Framed umbilical cord keepsake £20

2. Framed Placenta print £20

3. Dreamcatcher £35

4. Sterling Silver DNA - please enquire

Balance & Root's the thinking is one's placenta is our actual root to our own existence...pretty special! These magical reminders of the special life sustaining companion your baby shared a special bond with.  

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